Hospital Indemnity

Hospital Indemnity Insurance is an plan that can be add to an insurance portfolio to help pay for costs that other insurance plans do not pay for.  Even with other medical insurance, some costs, such as deductibles, copays and coinsurance, won't be covered.  A Hospital Indemnity plan can help fill in the gaps in coverage.

Hospital Indemnity plans pay a specified amount for each day of covered service received, no matter what the final bill charges are.  These plans provide cash benefits for the consumer to use as needed.  They offer flexible supplemental coverage to Medicare Advantage plans.

Along with a specified cash benefit for each day of hospital confinement, many offer optional riders than can be added for additional coverage.  Some of these customizable riders include coverage for ambulance services, lump sum hospital confinement benefit, outpatient surgery, physical therapy, lump sum cancer benefit, urgent care center benefit, as well as others.

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