Accident & Critical Illness

Accident and Critical Illness plans area an affordable solution for filling the gaps of other medical insurance coverage.  These plans are designed to pay a lump sum of money to help cover deductibles and coinsurances or to even help pay for other everyday expenses due to unexpected loss of income related to an accident or a critical illness.

Accidents happen, especially to families with active children.  There is no predicting when one will crash their bicycle, wipe out on their skateboard or snowboard, or break a bone during a pickup basketball or football game.  An accident plan is an affordable way for individuals and families to protect themselves from the costs of an unexpected accident.

Most of these plans pay the lump sum directly to the consumer so they can use the payment to:
Pay for everyday expenses like groceries and household bills.
Apply towards their health insurance copays, deductible, and coinsurance.
Hire home health care personnel.
Pay for childcare services.
Pay for travel to treatment facilities.

Individual Obamacare ACA plans, employer-based group insurance, short term medical and limited fixed indemnity plans all leave the consumer exposed to these unexpected expenses.  We have plans available to help your clients protect themselves.

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